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Webb vs. University Place Care and Rehabilitation Center
Estate of Joseph Webb
University Place Care and Rehabilitation Center
Feb 08, 2012
$900 Million
Compensatory Damages:
$200 Million
Punitive Damages:
$700 Million
Alleged Injuries:
Pressure sores, infection, and leg amputation

Joseph Webb was a resident at University Place from 1995 to 2005. While there, he suffered multiple injuries including pressure sores or lesions on his right foot, right calf, right heel, coccyx (which required debridement and surgery), buttocks, sacrum, and even his scrotum. Staff did not properly care for the pressure sores on his right leg and foot and this resulted in gangrene causing his leg to be amputated below the knee. He also suffered unexplained weight loss, malnutrition, and multiple infections.

The suit alleged that Mr. Webb was the victim of a scheme by an enterprise that included: New York real estate investors; financiers General Electric Capital Corporation (a private bank) and Ventas (a real estate investment firm); and multi-billion dollar Chicago private equity fund GTCR. The plaintiff alleged they conspired to run a nursing home chain into insolvency without regard to the harm the nursing home residents would experience. Mr. Webb was one of the residents of the Gainesville, Florida facility THI and THMI managed and operated. According to testimony by a forensic accountant, Trans Healthcare's former company leaders engaged in illegal political contributions and then got reimbursed with tax dollars by charging the contributions to the government through Medicare reports. In July of 2004, GECC and Ventas took action to default THI/GTCR on their loans because they used false and misleading financial statements to obtain the loans. The suit alleged that once Medicare money for residents' rent flowed into the account, GECC and Ventas took their share before monies were available to cover payroll, supplies, utilities, etc. for the hundreds of nursing homes. Former staff members at University Place testified that they didn't have the necessary supplies to care for residents.