Cockroaches caught on video at Pinellas County Assisted Living Facility

September 18, 2017 – Media Mention
WFTS ABC Action News

A Tampa Bay television station investigated a cockroach infestation at a St. Petersburg, Fla., assisted living facility and found that one man, in addition to living in filthy conditions, lost 30 pounds in three months. The facility had been fined in the past for bug problems, and earlier this year, one of the employees was arrested for secretly filming two residents having sex. 

The station sought expert legal commentary on the situation from Wilkes & McHugh co-founder Jim Wilkes.  

“If it's allowed to happen over and over again, the law says it's abuse. If it goes on for weeks and months, it's abuse,” Wilkes said in the interview.

“If the person is being treated that way at home, protective services would come out, take them away and arrest the family,” he added.


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